Monetize Your Stranded Gas & NGLs: The STG+™ Solution

Event Date 
Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Hart event 

Overview: Alternative drilling techniques have unlocked vast reserves of gas, but getting that gas to market remains problematic due to limited pipeline infrastructure. In this webinar, George Boyajian of Primus Green Energy will discuss monetization of stranded gas assets using an economically attractive gas-to-liquids (GTL) approach. GTL systems based on STG+™ technology can profitably convert natural gas and NGLs into high value liquids, such as methanol or gasoline. Specific case studies will be presented detailing the economic and technical aspects of STG+™ systems deployed at the gas gathering and processing levels. What you will learn: • How small-scale GTL systems are valuable gas monetization tools for producers and gas processors • Project specific GTL plant economics - capex, opex, return on investment • Technical overview of the STG+™ GTL process – conversion efficiencies, product specs, feed gas requirements