The Trion Field is in the Perdido Fold Belt area in the deepwater GoM.

Drill to a total depth of 21,600 ft by the Noble Don Taylor rig, the well logged about 200 ft gross and 130 ft net of true vertical pay, the company said in an update given as part of its 2019 operating and financial guidance.

Recoverable resources are estimated at between 6 million barrels of oil equivalent (MMboe) and 25 MMboe, the company said.

California-based Royale Energy Inc. said its first well drilled as part of a joint venture (JV) with California Resources Production Corp. (CRPC) has hit natural gas in the Rio Vista Field.

The Atlantis Phase 3 project will include constructing a new subsea production system from eight new wells that will be tied to the existing platform, BP said.

The well was successfully logged and found to have 284 ft of gross thickness and 241 ft net pay, OVL said in a news release Jan. 6.

The Pluma-1 well, which was drilled by the Noble Tom Madden drillship, hit about 37 m (121 ft) of high-quality hydrocarbon-bearing sandstone reservoir.

The Skruis exploration well, drilled about 8 km, north of the original discovery, indicated a volume of between 12 million and 25 million barrels (MMbbl) of recoverable oil.

A 12-m interval of the well was tested at a flow rate of 17.1 million standard cubic feet of gas per day and 8,780 barrels of oil per day, New Age said.

Novatek said the field has estimated reserves of more than 320 billion cubic meters (Bcm) of natural gas under Russian reserve classification, and its total resources at the drilled well area are estimated at more than 900 Bcm of natural gas.

Pemex, whose oil and gas output has been declining since 2004, said light and heavy crudes were found in seven reservoirs along the Mulach and Manik fields in the southern GoM, close to existing infrastructure for production and transportation.

In the midst of exploration success in the Gulf of Mexico, W&T said an undisclosed buyer agreed to purchase its overriding royalty interests in the Permian Basin for $56.8 million.