An extended-reach Turner Sand producer by EOG Resources Inc. in the Powder River Basin was tested flowing 1.104 Mbbl of 47.6-degree gravity oil, 115 Mcm (4.056 MMcf) of gas and 2.328 Mbbl of water per day. The #494-1527H Mary’s Draw is in Section 15-40n-72w of Converse County, Wyo. Production is from a lateral extending from 2,829 m (9,281 ft) to the southeast to 6,414 m (21,043 ft). The venture bottomed in Section 27-40n- 72w, and the true vertical depth is 3,288 m (10,789 ft). After 41-stage fracturing it was tested on a 30⁄64-in. choke between 3,482 m and 6,367 m (11,425 ft and 20,889 ft).


Results from an exploratory test in Colombia’s CPO-5 Block were announced by Oil and Natural Gas Corp. The #1-Mariposa was tested flowing 4.601 Mbbl/d of 40.8-degree gravity oil in an 18-hr test. According to the company, the well hit a 36.5-m (120-ft) net pay logged in L3 Sandstone. It was tested on several choke sizes to allow pressure buildup periods to help determine reservoir parameters. Testing also indicated a water cut of 0.35%. The Llanos Basin well has been shut in pending interpretation of the short-term test data.


GeoPark reported results from two completions in Colombia’s Llanos Basin Block 34. Exploration well #1-Chiricoca is northwest of Tigana Field. It was drilled to 3,647 m (11,965 ft), and a production test conducted with an electric submersible pump (ESP) in Mirador flowed about 1 Mbbl/d of 34-degree gravity oil with a 9% water cut. The deeper Guadalupe also was tested and produced water with traces of heavy oil. The well was tested on a 33⁄64-mm choke with a wellhead pressure of 34 psi. To the south the #6-Tigana Sur development well was drilled to 3,549 m (11,644 ft). A production test conducted with an ESP in Lower Guadalupe flowed about 1.6 Mbbl/d of 15-degree gravity oil with an 8% water cut and a net pay of about 17 m (57 ft). It was tested on a 52⁄64-mm choke with a wellhead pressure of 70 psi. In addition, the well encountered a new set of reservoir sands in Upper Guadalupe, which appears to be oil-bearing from preliminary petrophysical logging information. Further testing is required to confirm productivity.


Two offshore gas discoveries in Trinidad were announced by BP. According to the company, exploration wells #1-Savannah and #1-Macadamia hold about 56.6 Bcm (2 Tcf) of gas in place. The #1-Savannah was drilled into an untested fault block east of Juniper Field. Area water depth is about 152 m (500 ft). It encountered hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs in two main intervals with about 198 m (650 ft) net pay. The #1-Macadamia was drilled to test exploration and appraisal segments below the existing SEQB discovery south of the producing Cashima Field. The well penetrated hydrocarbon- bearing reservoirs in seven intervals with about 183 m (600 ft) net pay combined with the shallow SEQB gas reservoirs.


UK Oil & Gas is underway at exploration step-out well #1-Broadford Bridge in the PEDL234 license in West Sussex, U.K. The Kimmeridge Limestone venture has a planned depth of 1,900 m (6,233.5 ft) and will test Jurassic Corallian sandstone, a secondary reservoir objective that underlies the Kimmeridge. According to the company, it will be drilled about 1 km (.62 mile) to the northeast, where Kimmeridge Limestones are expected to be encountered at a true vertical depth of 950 m to 1,200 m (3,117 ft to 3,937 ft). The Weald Basin well is about 30 km (19 miles) southwest of the discovery at #1 Horse Hill.


Test results were announced by SDX Energy from the #1X-SD gas discovery at South Disouq in the Nile Delta in Egypt. The 2,370-m (7,777-ft) venture hit 25 m (82 ft) of net pay with an average porosity of 25% in Abu Madi. It was tested on a 48⁄64-in. choke flowing 730.5 Mcm/d (25.8 MMcf/d) and was limited by the surface facilities. The well has been shut in for an initial buildup, and additional flow tests will be conducted and fluid samples will be taken.


Tullow Oil Plc. completed a Block 13T well in Kenya at #1-Emekuya, which hit 75 m (246 ft) of net oil pay in two Miocene Sandstone zones. The drilling objective for the 1,356-m (4,449-ft) well was to test a fault block on the flank of the Greater Etom structure. According to the company, downhole pressure and fluid samples indicate the main oil reservoir is on the same static pressure gradient previously completed by #2-Etom. The reservoir sands encountered appear to be extensive, which further de-risks the northern play area. The rig will be moved to drill an updip appraisal well on the Greater Etom structure.


A gas condensate discovery was reported by Oil & Gas Development Corp. Ltd. The exploration well #01-Chabaro is in Pakistan’s District Khairpur, Sindh Province. The venture was drilled to 3,647 m (11,965 ft). It was tested on a 32⁄64-in. choke and fl owed 427.5 Mcm (15.1 MMcf) of gas and 20 bbl of condensate per day with a fl owing tubing pressure of 3,000 psi. The well is producing from Lower Goru (Massive Sand) and is in the Khewari Block joint venture.


Appraisal and development well #18-Callawonga by Beach Energy has been cased and suspended as a future producer on South Australia’s Callawonga Field. The well is in PEL92 on the western fl ank of South Australia’s Cooper Basin. The deviated well was drilled to 1,582 m (5,190 ft) and hit McKinlay Member Sandstone with a 2.4-m (7.8-ft) gross thickness and 2.1 m (6.8 ft) net oil pay. The #18-Callawonga is the second of a fi ve-well campaign in the fi eld and is targeting previously undeveloped reserves in the McKinlay Member Sandstone.

Papua New Guinea

Oil Search Ltd. announced production test results from exploration well #1ST3-Muruk in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The Block PPL402 test was designed to assess reservoir productivity and recover hydrocarbon samples over the gas-saturated Toro Sandstone interval at 3,968 m to 4,065 m (13,018 ft to 13,337 ft). The well fl owed 453 Mcm (16 MMcf) of gas with an unreported amount of condensate during testing on a 32⁄64-in. choke. The fl ow rate was constrained by surface test facilities. Hydrocarbon samples were collected and will be analyzed. The testing program confi rms the discovery of a new gas fi eld. Based on the results, an appraisal program could begin in 2018.

New Zealand

Tag Oil Ltd. has ordered equipment to drill exploration well #1-Pukatea in onshore New Zealand’s permit area PEP51153. The North Island well will be drilled from the Puka production pad, from which three other wells have been drilled. The Pukatea Prospect underlies the Puka Field in Tkiorangi Limestone near the Waihapa oil fi eld, which has produced 23 MMbbl of oil to date from Tikorangi.