A new onshore Mexico field discovery in the state of Veracruz was reported by Pemex. The estimate of the field in Veracruz Basin at #1-Ixachi is 350 MMboe, and it increases the field’s in-place volume to 1.5 Bboe. According to the company, the results are similar to a previous discovery at #1-Zama. Based on preliminary studies by Pemex, it is considered that this reservoir could be extended farther and possibly double its initial estimated size.


Talos Energy LLC announced details from a second well drilled on the company’s Green Canyon Block 281 project. The #2SS (ST) OCS G33242 hit 90.5 m (297 ft) of net oil pay across two Upper Miocene sands. A sidetrack was drilled to an estimated depth of 6,433 m (21,107 ft) with a true vertical depth of 6,418 m (21,057 ft). Water depth in the area is 838 m (2,750 ft). Block 281 is the company’s Tornado development. The first well on the project, #1SS (ST) OCS G33242, was drilled to 6,326 m (20,755 ft) in 2016 with production from an Upper Miocene zone at 6,099 m to 6,148 m (20,010 ft to 20,170 ft).


GeoPark announced test results from appraisal well #3 Tigana Norte in the Tigana oil field in Colombia’s Llanos 34 Block. The well was drilled to 3,460 m (11,352 ft) and had oil shows in Guadalupe and Mirador. A production test conducted with an electric submersible pump in Guadalupe flowed about 970 bbl/d of 15-degree-gravity oil with less than 0.25% water cut. It was tested on a 32/64-in. choke with a wellhead pressure of 129 psi. Additional production history is required to determine stabilized flow rates of the well. The #3 Tigana Norte is about 690 m (2,264 ft) west of the recently completed #2 Tigana Norte that produced 2.6 Mbbl of oil with less than 0.5% water cut. The appraisal test broadens the Tigana/Jacana oil field play toward the northeastern limits of the Llanos 34 Block. GeoPark is drilling #4 Tigana Norte to further delineate the northeastern boundaries.


Petrel Energy announced the first hydrocarbon discovery in Uruguay. According to the company, #1-Cerro Padilla was drilled to 845 m (2,772 ft) and hit 2 m (6.5 ft) of oil in a saturated sand zone at 793 m (2,602 ft). The venture is the first of a four-well program in the Norte Basin. Petrel’s program will target multiple zones of both oil and gas. Additional testing at the new producer is planned. Operator Petrel owns a 51% stake in the discovery along with partner Schuepbach, which holds 49%.


A gas discovery was reported onshore Morocco’s Sebou permit area in the Tanja-Titwan-Elhusima Peninsula. SDX Energy’s #15-Ksiri West KSR is the second of a nine-well drilling program at its Rharb concession. The well was drilled to 1,774 m (5,820 ft) and encountered a 17.2-m (56.4-ft) net conventional gas reservoir section across four intervals. The primary target was Hoot Sand, and it had an average porosity of 29%. The company also announced that the previously completed #14-KSR well was connected to infrastructure and will be tested. SDX is the operator of the Sebou Concession with 75% interest in partnership, with the Moroccan national company Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines holding the remaining 25%.


Eland Oil & Gas has completed sidetrack drilling at #7-Opuama in offshore Nigeria’s Block OML40. The venture hit 23 m (77 ft) net of pay in D1000 and D2000 sands. More than 18 m (60 ft) of the D2000 sands have been perforated, and the well is being completed. The gross production flow rates are expected to be about 5.9 Mbbl/d of oil. Infill drilling is planned in Opuama Field, including drilling a new exploratory at #8-Opuama in Block OML40 that will be targeting the D4000 and D5000 reservoirs at about 2,438 m (8,000 ft). It is expected to produce at an initial gross daily rate of between 5 Mbbl and 7 Mbbl of oil. Nigerian Petroleum Development Co. Ltd. is the operator of Block OML40 and the Opuama Field with 55% interest in partnership with Elcrest Exploration & Production.


Lundin Petroleum AB received a drilling permit for appraisal well #7219/12-2 A in offshore Norway production license (PL) 533. The venture will be drilled about 20 km (12.4 miles) west of the discovery well #7220/11-1 (Alta) in PL 609. The area in the license consists of blocks 7219/12 and 7220/10. Lundin is the operator with an ownership interest of 35% along with Aker BP (35%) and DEA Norge (30%).


Eni and Total plan to start drilling in a joint exploration block off the coast of Cyprus. The first ventures will be drilled in Block 6 in early 2018. Testing in nearby Block 11 confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons in an extension of the Zohr Field in Egypt. Eni was awarded the right in 2016 to be operator of Block 6 with a 50% stake in partnership with Total.


Operator Tullow Oil Plc announced updates from its Ngamia, Amosing and Etom appraisal drilling program in Kenya’s Block 10BB. The #10 Ngamia encountered 65 m (213 ft) of net oil pay in the Ngamia prospect. The #11-Ngamia hit 143 m (469 ft) of net oil pay and will be utilized in a waterfl ood pilot test planned for 2018. In the Amosing prospect #6-Amosing hit 35 m (115 ft) of net oil and gas pay, and #7-Amosing hit 25 m (82 ft) of net oil and gas pay. An extensive wireline evaluation program including sampling was performed on all appraisal wells. According to the company, the presence of rift-edge facies has limited net pay. In the Etom prospect in Block 13T #2-Etom fl owed 752 bbl/d of oil from Auwerwer and 580 bbl/d of oil from Lokong. Tullow owns 50%, Africa Oil owns 25% and Maersk Oil & Gas owns the remaining 25%.


Cairn Energy Plc announced plans to drill about 500 new exploration wells in India’s Barmer Basin in Rajasthan. Seismic surveys have been completed between Gudamalani and Shiv Tehsil, and this area will see the initial wells drilled. The company said the wells are to be drilled to sustain and augment oil production in Rajasthan. According to the company, it is producing 200 Mbbl/d of oil from the basin. The additional production will increase the output to about 300 Mbbl/d. Cairn owns 70% interest in partnership with Oil and Natural Gas Corp. (30%).


Kris Energy Ltd. will begin exploration drilling at exploration well #1-East Matura in contract area G10/48 in the Gulf of Thailand. The well is the first of an eight-well program, including an optional well in the existing Wassana oil field and one optional exploration well in the Wassana satellite development area north of the Wassana production area. The contract area covers 1,677 sq km (647 sq miles) in the Southern Pattani Basin, where water depth is about 60 m (197 ft). The concession contains the Niramai, Mayura and Rayrai oil discoveries.