MEA Entry Process

Technology successes deserve merit

Enter your technology successes in Hart Energy's Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEA).


Onshore Rigs: pad drilling, mud pumps, power generators, top drives, rig equipment, BOPs, pipe handling and automation

Intelligent Systems and Components: digital oil field, "smart" and real-time control and monitoring systems, remote operations, automation, intelligent agents, "big data," and networks & software

IOR/EOR/Remediation: advances in all IOR/EOR and remediation methods, reservoir monitoring and modeling, stimulation, workovers, chemicals, CO2, environmental advances, and containment and response systems

Artificial Lift: ESP systems, PCP systems, rod lift systems, gas lift systems, jet pump, hydraulic pump systems, plunger lift systems, capillary injection systems and wellsite automation

Water Management: brine, frack water, produced water, flocculation, reverse osmosis, recycling, ultrafiltration, oxidation, storage, wastewater, metal removal and biocides

Subsea Systems: Christmas trees, BOPs, tiebacks, manifolds, processing (separation, compression and boosting), SSIVs, SURF (subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines), pipelines, power supply and controls, ROVs/AUVs, IRM (inspection, repairs and maintenance), intervention, flow assurance, and metering and monitoring

Floating Systems and Rigs: floating production and topsides systems and designs (FPSO/FLNG/GTL/ FSO/TLP/ spar/ semi-submersible/hybrids), drilling units (rigs/drillships/ hybrids), turrets, loading and offloading, mooring and positioning, people and cargo transfer, and safety and evacuation

Marine Construction & Decommissioning: vessels and systems, pipelay and flowlines, platforms, subsea construction, marine transportation and installation, heavy lift, hook-up and commissioning, structure removal, intervention and workovers

Exploration/Geoscience: potential fields, geochemistry, seismic acquisition (land and marine), processing algorithms and software, reservoir characterization, interpretation software, and hardware

Formation Evaluation: wireline logging, core analysis, cuttings analysis and well testing hardware and software

HSE: hardware, software and methodologies related to health, safety and the environment

Drillbits: natural diamond, impregnated, PDC, bi-center, milled tooth, hybrid, insert and hammer

Drilling Fluids/Stimulation: chemicals, drilling mud, additives, flow enhancers and green systems

Drilling Systems: LWD/MWD, motors, coring, tool joints, fishing tools, drillpipe, whipstocks, subs, packers and rotary steerable systems

Hydraulic Fracturing/Pressure Pumping: surface equipment, frack trees, hhp, plug and perf, sliding sleeves, cementing, perforating, frack balls, zipper fracks, matrix acidizing, proppants and chemicals

Non-Fracturing Completions: modeling/simulation software, completion hardware and completion effectiveness monitoring (microseismic, tracers, etc.)


How to Enter

Step 1

For each submission, please provide:

  • The Official Entry Form. See "Step 3: Where to send your entry information" below (REQUIRED).
  • One high resolution image (REQUIRED)

Supporting Documents:

  • An abstract of 500 words or fewer describing the game-changing significance, technically and economically, of the entry (REQUIRED). Text should be copied and pasted from a Word document, not a PDF.
  • A case study of 500 words or fewer that describes the entry's use in one specific commercial application (REQUIRED). Text should be copied and pasted from a Word document, not a PDF.
  • One photo or illustration (REQUIRED)
  • Additional supporting documents such as text, photos, charts and graphs, illustrations or videos (OPTIONAL).

Please limit your optional submissions to a maximum of three items. Limit attachment sizes to 20MB

Step 2

Make sure your supporting documents are in an acceptable file format.

  • Text documents: Adobe Acrobat (preferred), MS Word, MS Excel, RTF, plain text.
  • Photos and illustrations: Adobe Acrobat (preferred), JPG, TIF, WMF, EPS
  • Videos (including animations): AVI, MPEG, WMV, QuickTime

Step 3

Where to send your entry information

Notice to MEA Entrants

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