Oil Spill Response Ltd. (OSRL), Trendsetter Engineering and Halliburton signed a memorandum of understanding for integrated subsea well capping response solutions, according to a May 30 press release.

Under the terms of the agreement, OSRL will remain responsible for providing members access to an industry-owned global capping and containment capability, and ensure that subsea well intervention service-related (SWIS) equipment is maintained and response-ready. It will also mobilize the equipment and provide members with preparedness services, the press release said. 

Trendsetter, a subsea solutions provider, and Halliburton’s Boots and Coots well control division will provide access to trained personnel and subject matter experts to support SWIS members, and will support source control, well control, relief well planning, and engineering and other preparedness activities through OSRL.

The new agreement enhances the policies and procedures established through the Global Industry Response Group and adopted by the Subsea Well Response Project consortium by establishing an integrated, best-practice approach to managing global subsea well control incidents.

Oil Spill Response Ltd.  is the largest international industry-funded cooperative, and has offices around the world.