In this first episode of the DUG Technology podcast, we dive deep into the opportunities big data presents to shale players.

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Frack sand suppliers are racing to fill growing sand needs and address logistical concerns in the Permian Basin.

DUG Permian, Midland Basin, Lance Robertson, Endeavor Energy Resources, completions, production, Permian

The company is seeing the benefits of optimized landing points and completion density.

Enhanced designs increase well productivities.

Creating reservoir flow profiles can enable better well and field management decisions.

Study shows improvements might be needed in appraisal programs.

An approach seeks to develop a better understanding of completion designs in the natural fracture network of the Permian Basin’s Wolfcamp Formation.

Subsurface AI systems can help maximize efficiencies.

A study of the Middle Bakken showed how physics-based multivariate analysis helps completion optimization.

Recent activities point to increasing unconventional resource development outside of North America.

Solar steam production unlocks heavy oil in the Middle East.

The cost of safely removing offshore assets from service has given rise to investment in decommissioning technologies.