A slot perforating method saves time and reduces well abandonment costs.

Reduced operation time between stages can lead to higher fracture complexity and improved drainage efficiency.

New completion techniques are lowering the cost per unit of gas production and spreading across the Haynesville—and to basins beyond.

frac sand, engineered proppant, U.S. shale

A new suite of proprietary engineered proppant is headed to commercialization in 2018. Will it be enough to capture new share versus sand?

Plugs offer improved drill-out times and options in stage spacing.

System enhances fracturing fluid stimulations.

frac sand, completions, U.S. shale, Energent, FracXchange, Julie Lerner, Todd Bush, Permian Basin

Additional sand supplies are expected to come online this year but supplies remain tight as E&Ps test completion techniques, eye prices and work to keep down costs.

Hess, Bakken shale, oil and gas completions

The company plans to add rigs in the Bakken this year as it continues studying completion techniques.

Maintenance programs can help save costs and enhance long-term production.

Altering the surface chemistry of resin-coated proppant delivers improved oil flow rates in the Eagle Ford Shale.

The upstream oil and gas industry has managed its operations the same way for decades because ‘We’ve always done it that way.’

The move to massive proppant loading involving finer mesh sands will boost 2018 demand even in a flat rig count environment.