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Will the OPEC production cuts continue, and if so, for how long? Stratas Advisors’ Jeff Quigley is in Vienna and will report and offer in-depth analysis from the OPEC meeting tomorrow.

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As OPEC and non-OPEC members prepare to meet this week, some analysts believe a substantial production increase from one field could be a game-changer.

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International exploration and technology remain crucial to filling future energy demand.

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Gas production is at its lowest mark in two months and 3.5% lower than the year-ago period, but still a bit higher than production tallies at the beginning of 2017.

Some countries may be better positioned to attract investment to meet future demand, according to a global risk consultancy.

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Who will be the next LNG and gas export superpower? A Russian energy director and an American executive took their cases to Australia for APPEA 2017.

Despite numerous challenges, the world’s deepest production facility is poised for even more success.

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A legislative move designed to shore up energy supplies will be triggered only when a shortage has been identified and will apply to export operations, Matt Canavan said.

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Energy Minister Fernando Coelho Filho sat with Hart Energy and other media during a roundtable at OTC to share thoughts on issues facing Brazil’s oil and gas industry.

Vast gas resources offshore Mauritania and Senegal will benefit the two African countries and spur exploration, the CEO of Kosmos said.

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The existing contract, which has a take or pay clause, stipulates that Petrobras must import between 24 MMcm/d and 32 MMcm/d of gas from Bolivia.

Thanks to new innovations, Weir Oil & Gas is taking frack-iron handling and flowback operations where they’ve never been before.