Northern Exposure For Gulf Coast As Canadian Heavy Crude Flows South

As Canada’s domestic producers export heavy crude to the U.S. refiners on the Gulf Coast, many of the country’s refineries are forced to import volumes of light oil. 

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Developers of the field, located in the North Falkland Basin, hope to sanction the first phase of the project by year-end 2018 as costs fall.

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As Brazil’s offshore segment flourishes, onshore opportunities have not gained much attention. But the Brazilian government is working to make its onshore assets more attractive.

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Investment and development activity picked up speed in 2017.


The perception is that regulatory hurdles make California a difficult place for producers to thrive, but good opportunities are often overlooked.

In the southern part of the North Sea, plans for the Valhall field include use of an unmanned wellhead platform, which will be connected to the Valhall Field Center.


The game has changed because of newer, more efficient technology.

A change in mindset signals significant growth by the oil and gas industry.

Reduced operation time between stages can lead to higher fracture complexity and improved drainage efficiency.

ConocoPhillips adds Alaskan acreage while seeing global production growth.

Drilling efficiencies are maximized with integrated MPD systems.

New telemetry systems are opening the path to full life-of-well pressure and fluid management.