The rapid pace of technology development in the oil and gas industry ensures that all players in it are in constant pursuit of the next innovation that will deliver the next barrel and the next dollar safely and efficiently.

In onshore and offshore applications, the latest systems advance safety, wellbore communication and restimulation efforts.

A completions services provider emerges from the downturn better equipped to deliver on its mission.

A new technology provides real-time information about a formation boundary at the point of transition.

One independent energy company sees capability and expertise as critical to fueling its onshore and offshore growth engines.

Tool performs isolated negative inflow tests on liner tops and casing shoes.

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A post-run analysis of data collected in the drillbit during drilling leads to improved drilling in challenging applications.

Favorable economics could push forward planned projects as more come online.

Shale wells offer unique challenges when it comes to maintaining well control.

Technology ensures the rapid and efficient deployment of remediation systems.

Operators push forward with ambitious plans despite price volatility.