4Subsea has been awarded a US$3.1 million Shell-funded contract to support COPPE, the company said on Oct. 10.

The project is funded by Shell Brazil and is a partnership with UFRJ-COPPE EMBRAPII. 4Subsea’s primary goal is to extend the safe operational life of flexible risers. The research project focuses on reducing operational risk and increasing the life expectancy of flexible risers. The project runs for three years and has a contract value of about NOK25 million (US$3.1 million).

4Subsea will deliver digital solutions for monitoring riser integrity and develop new methodologies for life extension of risers. 4Subsea will also support UFRJ-COPPE with a material research program to develop improved models for polymer ageing and steel corrosion.

“The project encourages technology exchange between Brazil and Norway, aligning the development of digital and automated solutions for live follow-up of flexible risers in operation,” CEO of 4Subsea Peter Jenkins said.