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Challenges posed by the hostile environmental characteristics of Brazilian presalt oil and gas fields have prompted Petrobras to weigh use of rigid risers instead of flexible risers, which are mostly used by the company offshore Brazil.

Novel approach saves time and reduces risk for offshore casing installations.

Though relatively new to the industry, fluid analysis and sampling-while-drilling techniques have quickly helped operators make more informed well construction decisions, eliminating risk and improving efficiency.

When the issue of subsea wells is broached all too often the top-hole construction is a neglected area. But if Norwegian-based Neodrill get its way that will soon change.

The use of AI to monitor subsea operations is growing.

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TechnipFMC is aiming to take subsea oil and gas production to the next level by reducing the weight and size of equipment on the seafloor while also simplifying configuration for flowlines and installation.

Composite materials are providing a new opportunity for global oil and gas operators as commercial pressures and technologically challenging environments have combined to create something of a perfect storm.

The subsea factory has long been the aim of E&P companies, and step by step it is becoming a reality. One of the key components is technology for the distribution, delivery and control of the subsea power system.

Kraken Robotics Inc. has entered a partnership with Avitas Systems, a General Electric Venture, to advance robotic inspections for the oil and gas, offshore renewable energy and shipping industries, according to a news release.

Over the past few years, it has been said that the Santos Basin will replace the Campos Basin as the most prolific E&P area offshore Brazil. 

The oil and gas industry was considered conservative when it came to technology changes. However, the need to reduce costs in an era of lower oil price prompted change, delegates were told during the O&G TechWeek Conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Gavin Cowie is one of the stalwarts of subsea engineering and operations sector. His 25-year career has been characterized by an intuitive drive to innovate and improve.