Expanding the toolbox provides the best technologies for the job.

Nexans, umbilical, subsea technology, Jon Arne Hall, direct heating

Nexans gives insight on the changing role of umbilicals and the importance of pipeline heating to subsea flow assurance.

Overcoming the challenges of wax deposits and hydrate formation have traditionally made longer tiebacks uneconomic, but cold flow technology from Subsea 7 may change that.

Espen Alegria Ulimoen, head of technical advisory, control and safety at ABB, gave Hart Energy insight into the company’s work in subsea automation and digitization.

subsea oil and gas, subsea technology, dual pipe separator, Seabed Separation

Norwegian subsea technology firms are pushing ahead with technologies to enable a new wave of seafloor field development.

FlatFish AUV, Shell Brazil

FlatFish is an AUV dedicated to the inspection of subsea structures and pipelines.

Laser scanning is one technique gathering momentum across the industry.

A fresh take on production systems introduces expanded capabilities and new applications.

Petrobras, Brazil oil and gas, subsea oil and gas, rigid risers, flexible risers, presalt oil and gas

Challenges posed by the hostile environmental characteristics of Brazilian presalt oil and gas fields have prompted Petrobras to weigh use of rigid risers instead of flexible risers, which are mostly used by the company offshore Brazil.

Novel approach saves time and reduces risk for offshore casing installations.

Though relatively new to the industry, fluid analysis and sampling-while-drilling techniques have quickly helped operators make more informed well construction decisions, eliminating risk and improving efficiency.

When the issue of subsea wells is broached all too often the top-hole construction is a neglected area. But if Norwegian-based Neodrill get its way that will soon change.