Wireline tool improves efficiency of pressure, volume, temperature sampling

Weatherford International Plc has released its Compact formation sampler. The slim-profile wireline tool can capture up to three 700-cc samples in a wide range of borehole sizes, a press release stated. The size of the tool distinguishes it from other pressure, volume and temperature samplers on the market. The slim profile enables the tool to be run past restrictions smaller than 3 in. and to operate in boreholes as large as 14 in. Additionally, the self-centering design substantially reduces formation-sticking risks, enables a more efficient and faster connection with the target zones and makes it possible to deploy the tool on traditional wireline or through drillpipe. weatherford.com

Eliminate motor chunking failures

Sperry Drilling, a Halliburton business, has released GeoForce Endure and StrataForce Endure drilling motors, a press release stated. Challenging drilling operations can cause motors to degrade. This results in nonproductive time due to “chunking,” which limits the life and performance of motors. Chunking occurs when the elastomer across the motor’s power section, especially at the lower end of the stator, breaks down. The Endure motor technology is designed to overcome this issue with a proprietary metal helix that controls vibration and prevents overloading the stator elastomer. halliburton.com

Multiphase flowmeter offers flexible monitoring

Emerson Automation Solutions has released the Roxar MPFM 2600 M multiphase flowmeter. The Roxar MPFM 2600 M is a flexible and easily manageable wellhead measurement product based on a field-proven technology platform, a product announcement stated. The meter is designed for operators with direct and continuous wellhead multiphase flow monitoring needs. The Roxar MPFM 2600 M is part of the scalable Roxar multiphase product family and provides flexibility as fields mature and conditions change. The compact meter can be easily retrofitted in the field, delivers straightforward installation and commissioning, and has been specifically designed to meet operators’ capex and varying field requirements. The MPFM 2600 M also can identify and measure nonsymmetrical flow in varying flow regimes. emerson.com

Service maximizes value of well tests

Schlumberger has released GeoTesting geology-based well test design and interpretation services. Built in the Petrel E&P software platform, the new services maximize the value of well tests by integrating geological and geophysical models with dynamic well test data in a shared earth model for more accurate interpretation compared with conventional analysis limited to geometrical models, the company said. The Petrel GeoTesting plug-in includes Global Sensitivity Analysis designed for targeting geological features of interest and incorporating uncertainty in the geological model during well test design and execution. New grid-based inversion technology automatically calibrates reservoir models with dynamic well test data for direct integration into the reservoir model, enabling more accurate reservoir characterization. In addition, the naturally fractured reservoir pressure transient simulator provides new insight into the complex behavior of transients and the matrix-fracture interaction. slb.com

Service platforms improve benchmark for offshore hydrocarbon transfer

Gall Thomson has released a series of new service packages that will allow end users of marine breakaway couplings (MBCs) to maintain top-level operational performance, a press release stated. Offering four options, Gall Thomson will provide a flexible range of global service choices based on operational requirements and logistics. Called “MBC4,” the new packages are seen as an additional step to improved and safer transfer of oil and refined products as well as achieving minimum downtime. The four packages include infield service, a Gall Thomson approved certification engineer visit, Gall Thomson Approved Regional Service Centre and Return to Gall Thomson U.K. Technology Centre. All four can be called upon for inspection, refurbishment or resetting of Gall Thomson MBCs. gall-thomson.co.uk

Max Virgin, managing director of Gall Thomson, said, “Making sure an MBC is in top working order is vital so that should an offshore accident take place, the device will activate as intended when called upon and mitigate the risk of equipment damage and pollution.” (Source: Gall Thomson)

Data, transaction and workflow platform for upstream management

P2 Energy Solutions has released a fully integrated data, transaction and workfl ow platform that enables upstream oil and gas teams to effectively manage every facet of their business from the field to the back office, a press release stated. The P2 Oil & Gas Platform is a continuation of P2’s product-integration strategy and is designed to deliver a seamless software and data experience for teams across the upstream enterprise. The platform features best-in-class E&P capabilities, integrated end-to-end workfl ows and cloud availability. p2energysolutions.com

Advancing subsea compression systems

Aker Solutions and MAN Diesel & Turbo expect to cut the size and weight of subsea compression systems by at least 50% a year after the first such system successfully went onstream at Statoil’s Åsgard Field, a press release stated. The Åsgard system, which has been running with practically no stops or interruptions in its first year, will help recover an additional 306 MMboe more cost-effectively, safely and with a smaller environmental footprint than a traditional platform, MAN said. Aker Solutions delivered the system in close collaboration with partners including MAN and the operator Statoil. dieselturbo.man.eu

Satellite image library for ground scouting prep, field exploration activities

Airbus Defence and Space has released One Atlas, a new satellite image basemap, which covers the earth’s landmasses with professional-grade imagery. Available online 24/7 and refreshed within a 12-month period, One Atlas provides those working within oil, gas and mining industries easy access to cost-effective, high-quality and homogeneous imagery, a press release stated. One Atlas can be used for the preparation of ground scouting or field exploration activities as well as the planning of new facilities and construction works. During a site’s decommissioning phase, One Atlas’ fresh images offer a tool to oversee site restoration. The service offers a streamlined workflow, and the costs related to updating, selecting, processing and hosting imagery are drastically reduced. One Atlas facilitates the sharing of data across teams or partner organizations with no compromise on security or privacy. It also enables users to plan, map and locate their teams, assets or areas of interest anywhere on the globe. intelligence- airbusds.com/one-atlas

System detects hard-to-find methane leaks

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is developing a methane leak detection system for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory, a press release stated. The project, funded through a $798,000 DOE award, will develop an autonomous, real-time system to detect small methane leaks that are difficult to detect with current technology. SwRI will combine machine learning with passive optical sensing to identify small methane emissions using its Smart Methane Leak Detection technology, also known as SLED/M. SwRI aims to develop the SLED/M system for use across the entire natural gas supply chain, from extraction and storage to transportation and distribution. The two-phase DOE project will take place over the next 18 months. In Phase 1, SwRI will apply its liquid spill detection capabilities to develop the methane detection system using integrated optical sensors and an embedded processing unit to enable machine learning through algorithms that recognize patterns and trigger alarms during leak events. Phase 2 will focus on integrating and field-testing the system to document and demonstrate capabilities within a controlled environment. swri.org

Preventative maintenance made simple

HTL Worldwide Ltd. has released a specialist coating to extend the life of any structure or assembly, a product announcement stated. Offering complete joint preservation and corrosion prevention, HTL Pro-Tect is suitable for any mechanical and electrical application that is subject to climatic corrosion. With easy application and a lifespan of up to 25 years, the coating will protect all mechanically exposed assemblies in the harshest environmental conditions, including subsea. The highstrength nature of the product comes from its silicone base, which forms a strong, resilient and rubberized coating that averts moisture, debris, and water or oxygen ingress. HTL Pro-Tect is 100% recyclable. htlgroup.com

Chemical-resistant lining provides seamless protection

Rhino Linings Corp. has released HiChem 11-70, a twocomponent, 100% solids, zero-VOC polyurethane lining, a press release stated. HiChem 11-70 protective lining provides excellent stability for immersion applications and where high levels of chemical resistance are required to deliver corrosion protection. HiChem also meets NSF Standard 61 requirements for use in 5-gal and larger potable water storage tanks or pipelines with 0.75-in. or greater pipe diameter. Additionally, HiChem 11-70 meets the demand for ecofriendly coatings and linings. The polyurethane lining can be applied using plural component spray equipment to concrete, fiberglass, plastic, metal and wood. The protective lining creates monolithic, seamless protection that conforms to any shape and size. rhinolinings.com/industrial

Scale remover unclogs fast, safely

EcoClean biodegradable scale and rust remover powered by Nano VpCI is designed to make unclogging heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, cooling towers and pipes safe, fast and easy, a company product announcement stated. The EcoClean scale remover dissolves heavy scale, corrosion and naturally occurring oxides off metal surfaces in contact with water, providing one safe remover for all descaling and derusting needs. The powerful corrosion inhibitors contained in this heavyduty scale remover also protect metals from flash rust that would otherwise occur after treatment. EcoClean is nontoxic, biodegradable and safe to use on ferrous and nonferrous metals. EcoClean saves time and money by creating clean surfaces that improve water flow in pipes and increase heat transfer efficiency in heat exchange equipment. The remover comes in a water-soluble pouch form that can be easily thrown into a system and circulated to protect hard-to-reach areas. cortecvci.com

Long-life oxygen sensor for hazardous areas

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection has released a new longlife oxygen sensor for the OLCT 60. The OLCT 60 is a 4-20 mA analog gas transmitter designed for industrial applications in hazardous locations. The new design is lead-free and has an operational lifespan of five years. The range is from 0 vol % to 30 vol % O2, and the sensor operates from -40 C to 50 C (-40 F to 122 F) continuously, allowing new opportunities in low-temperature applications. This new oxygen sensor completes the range of Tyco’s current two-year life O2 sensors, carries a full four-year warranty and is compatible with any existing OLCT 60 O2 detectors (except intrinsically safe variants) from the field. TycoGFD.com

High-performance 3-D viewer for geoscientists

New software for virtual model interpretation and visualization called LIME was developed for improved geoscience mapping, a ScienceDaily.com article reported. LIME is a high-performance 3-D viewer that can be highly useful for geoscientists returning to their office after fieldwork. The software allows users to explore their 3-D datasets and perform measurements, analysis and advanced visualization of different data types. The software is developed by the Virtual Outcrop Geology Group, a collaboration between Uni Research CIPR in Bergen and the University of Aberdeen in the U.K. The LIME software can be downloaded and used on the researcher’s own laptop and can handle very large high-performance 3-D datasets. uni.no/en

Long-range radar positioning vessels safely

Guidance Marine’s new Artemis Mk6 system is the most complete long-range radar in the product’s history, positioning vessels safely and effectively up to 10,000 m (32,808 ft), a press release stated. The system is typically used in the offshore operation of offloading and transportation of oil between shuttle tankers and FPSO units. The new system, which overcomes GNSS scintillation, boasts an all-weather operating system up to 10 km (6 miles), interchangeable antennas and antenna units, and a Guidance Dashboard user interface, and it is compatible with all existing Mk5 stations. guidance.eu.com

The Artemis Mk6 system positions vessels safely and effectively up to 10,000 m. (Source: Guidance Marine)

Improving drilling waste transportation

Cubility AS has released a new technology that improves the transportation of drilling waste, a press release stated. CubeLink safely and cost-effectively transports drilling waste directly from shale shakers or Cubility’s MudCube solids control system to a storage unit or final processing unit on a drilling rig onshore or offshore. CubeLink consists of a recurring belt shaped in a dropbelt configuration. The system opens up in a U-shape in the feeding station to receive drilling waste that is fed by gravity from one or several shakers or MudCubes into the feeding station. The belt is then closed and routed to the destination. The belt opens up and returns flat over a turning roller, where the drilling waste drops by gravity into a receptacle. cubility.com

The CubeLink is based on an existing technology used in food processing and has been commercialized by Cubility and Ellegaard Components A/S with support from Statoil. (Source: Cubility)

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