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Technologies must be domain specific with end-to-end workflows so they can be put to use, according to Binu Mathew, senior vice president and global head of digital products for ‎Baker Hughes, a GE company.

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This month E&P takes a step back to the basics with a look at how operators are identifying the best locations to place subsea equipment during the field development phase. 

A robust technology system delivers directly measured multiphase metering data for improved operations.

Web tools enable effective piping vibration management.

Four critical automation areas are paving the road for longer-term AI.

Intuitive analysis helps prevent slow or inaccurate predictions.

Predicting equipment downtime through IoT solutions can save operators time and money.

A platform integrates robotics, AI and original predictive analytics to advance the inspection services industry.

AI has become a powerful tool to derive well logs from drilling data. But what is the accuracy and repeatability compared to traditional logging tools?

Survey respondents indicated the usability of a company’s ERP system is critical to success of its digital transformation.

AI is an important tool that should be in every operator’s arsenal.

Vendor sourcing in the energy industry is now powered by online social networking.