Machines are smart, but effective well management relies on getting the right data to the right humans at the right time.

Advances in data analytics can give operators a much clearer picture of their complex plays.

Wireless communication solutions can provide reliable high-capacity connectivity that is scalable enough to cater to current requirements and future expansions.

New collaboration technology captures knowledge and accelerates group decision-making for a world-class African discovery.

From new collaborative models to digitized operations, disruptive innovation can redefine the oil and gas industry.

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The move to incorporate more digital technologies into projects comes as the oil and gas industry copes with lower commodity prices.

User groups are not just for Silicon Valley.

Technology bridges the gap between oil and gas computing and office/cloud computing.

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Some oil and gas companies are turning to processes that search data and detect patterns to ultimately predict the likelihood of equipment failures and other challenges.

Big Data can be used to power predictive analysis and lower well costs.

Experts share their insight on Big Data applications and their use in the oil and gas industry.