Partnership influences product development that reflects changes in operational demands.

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Giving vendors access to performance data could bring operators significant benefits while ushering new business models into the supply chain.

Equipping problem solvers for tomorrow’s challenges.

New software will help operators see significant returns in 2018.

Cloud-based well completion systems help operators make data-driven decisions and improve performance.

An executive shares his views on how the oil and gas industry can benefit from the application of technology advances made in AI and digitalization.

Digital technology will transform the pace of change within the safety and risk sector.

Leading capital planning systems are providing exactly what the oil and gas industry needs to get back on its feet: automated systems, quality data, visibility, reporting and scheduling.

Models encapsulating the reservoir, production processes, equipment and economics provide the opportunity to fully leverage available data.

Automation, robotics and drone technologies are helping to keep aging North Sea facilities profitable for longer.

Bits and bytes provide the fuel as data and AI propel the petroleum industry into the future.

The industry needs to rethink operational processes and use new technologies that boost operational efforts.