A new wireless downhole tool unlocks the potential for significant cost reductions.

A new cementing system enhances barrier integrity.

Slimhole completion systems help to refracture existing wells and boost production.

Market forces mandate better evidence-based tools to drive decisions in oilfield services pumping operations.

There is an impact on data infrastructure when using real-time analytics.

A cost-effective microbial control program can offset negative impacts on affected production.

Embracing digitalization can help operators maintain a competitive advantage.

An LWD service provides operators with reservoir insight before, during and after the drilling operation illuminates and maps ultradeep reservoir and fluid boundaries in the wellbore.

Different sand factors affect coating selection and application to achieve effective silica dust control.

New service offers flexibility to switch between electromagnetic and mud pulse telemetry modes.

The combination of directional drilling and MWD technologies made horizontal drilling more manageable and wells more productive.

Improving completion effectiveness through engineered well construction.