A proven method forces injection fluids outside the path of least resistance through dispersion.

Rigs are consolidated at the high end while sand shifts back to quality.

New technologies can help alleviate the challenges a changing workforce faces.

A low-density, direct-emulsion fluid delivered wellbore stability in the Delaware Basin.

A first-of-its-kind cloud-based platform facilitates 24/7 access to offshore well construction and activities.

The debate continues over well interference as the industry moves toward full field development.

A new design and changes in metallurgy shift wear from expensive pump fluid ends to sacrificial consumable components.

A new wireless downhole tool unlocks the potential for significant cost reductions.

There is an impact on data infrastructure when using real-time analytics.

A cost-effective microbial control program can offset negative impacts on affected production.

Embracing digitalization can help operators maintain a competitive advantage.

A new cementing system enhances barrier integrity.