China has responded to $50 billion in tariffs imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump with additional tariffs on U.S. energy products, which analysts considered a surprise.


Lawyers for major oil companies on June 13 urged a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit filed by New York City seeking to hold them financially liable for damages caused by global warming.

Equinor’s (NYSE: EQNR) plan for the development and operation of the Johan Castberg field in the Barents Sea was approved by the Norwegian Parliament on June 11.

Mexico oil and gas, Mexico energy reform

How effective Mexican regulators are at managing concerns and informing stakeholders will impact the pace of the country’s energy reformation journey.

A U.S. judge has ordered two former finance executives at Penn West Petroleum, now known as Obsidian Energy, to face regulatory charges that they helped engineer a multi-year accounting fraud.


At KPMG’s annual Global Energy Conference, confidence in the global economy abound, but political uncertainty and Asia’s growing energy demand shapes the role of the U.S. energy on the world stage.

La Rosa’s appointment comes after a tense showdown between foreign oil companies and the government in recent months as Venezuela’s political and economic meltdown deepened.

The OPEC council responded negatively to Iran’s plea to support it against new U.S. sanctions, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Long-awaited amendments to Algeria’s energy law are expected to be finalized by early next year, Energy Minister Mustapha Guitouni said on June 7.

The U.S. government has asked Saudi Arabia and some other OPEC producers to increase oil production by about 1 million bbl/d, Bloomberg reported on June 5.

The national oil company said in a statement on June 4 that it was seeking a federal court declaration of the Petroleum Development Act 1974 (PDA), the law applicable for the petroleum industry in Malaysia.

Russian oil output was stagnant at 10.97 million barrels per day for a third month in a row in May, again exceeding quotas set under a global deal.