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Australian LNG Exports Hit All-Time High

China’s increased appetite for energy helped Australian LNG revenue grow 38% over the last year, according a recent report.

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ConocoPhillips Grows Alaskan Resources; Gears Up For 2019 Campaign

Plans for 2019 in the Greater Willow Area are to evaluate horizontal well performance, determine lateral reservoir connectivity and appraise West Willow, the company said.


Uganda’s Big Shift To Oil—Can It Work?

Uganda’s government is pushing to join “middle income” status, but success hinges on tapping into the crude oil in its Lake Albert Basin.

FPSO Experts Achieve Progress Through Cooperation

Collaboration leads to advances in FPSO technology.

EY, U.S. oil production, U.S. oil and gas reserves, gas production, Herb Listen, oil production replacement rates, oil and gas

Study: US Oil, Gas Companies Add To Reserves

Some of the largest U.S. oil and gas companies are growing reserves and bringing down costs amid improved market conditions.

Chris Combs, Evolution Well Services, CNX, Tim Dugan, natural gas, frac fleet, hydraulic fracturing fleet, hydraulic horsepower,

Natural Gas Fuels Well Stimulation Fleets, Lowers Costs

Companies are using fuels other than diesel to power well stimulation fleets, reduce site footprints and save money.

Chasing Shales In Mexico

Renaissance Oil Corp. got an early foot in the door to develop these potentially giant fields.

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