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Potential Of AI-powered Directional Drilling

A system looks to optimize value in directional drilling by minimizing deviation from planned wellbore trajectory, minimizing tortuosity and more.

Shell Develops Real-time Evaluation Technology For FPSO In Brazil

The project involves determining which parameters and information are vital for FPSO integrity assessment to define a standard for data acquisition and treatment at fields.

Permian Basin Operators Look to Standardize Techniques, Measures

Permian Basin Operators Look to Standardize Techniques, Measures

A Permian standard is emerging after experimentation during a decade of drilling the basin’s multiple unconventional shales has found diminishing returns, says CEO of reserve evaluation firm Haas Engineering.

Report Shows More Unconventional Potential In Anadarko Basin

The Anadarko Basin’s Simpson shale formation is being called “one of the biggest yet-to-be-developed shale plays in the United States.”

Cloudy Outlook For Well Stimulation?

As baseball legend Yogi Berra once said, ‘It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.’

Bakken Bounces Back

Williston Basin activity has rebounded from the 2014 market crash and production rates are climbing higher.

Barclays Forecasts Rise In Global 2019 E&P Spending

E&P spending in North America is expected to lag behind international markets, where some regions could see double-digit spending growth.

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