E&P delivers unparalleled access to oil and gas industry decision makers around the world:

  • Leading market penetration in E&P companies worldwide
  • Expert technical analysis, global exploration and production news, technology updates
  • Harvey Research Studies at no additional cost to advertisers
  • Prestigious Meritorious Engineering Awards
  • Drilling and Production Yearbook issues
  • Digital ad transfer reduces turnaround time and production expenses

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Hart Energy's E&P is a member of BPA International, American Business Media.

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A BPA Audit – Verifies audience delivery!


BPA Worldwide is an industry owned, independent, not-for-profit organization that verifies ad-supported media, including business publications, consumer magazines and newspapers as well as face-to-face events and digital media platforms. BPA was founded to ensure advertisers have complete and unbiased verification that the media companies they invest in are accurately reporting the metrics promised.

Consider the following statements from the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers "Through audited statements, advertisers and agencies are assured that a brand does, in fact, deliver recipients that comprise a marketer's desired audience."

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BPA Brand Report – June 2018

BPA Brand Report – December 2017

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