According to analyst Douglas-Westwood in one of its regular weekly market statements the number of active ultradeep rigs has remained high, with 171 units contracted compared to 175 units in January 2014.

The drillship, which can accommodate a 20,000-psi BOP system, has been designed in full compliance with the ABS Guide for the Classification of Drilling Systems.

The company will delay posting third-quarter results after saying earnings would be hit by $2.76 billion in charges from a decline in the value of its contracts-drilling business and a drop in rig-use fees.

Worries about an oversupply of equipment are impacting the offshore drilling industry.

Will the offshore industry be able to absorb all of the drilling rigs currently under construction and maintain internal rates of return?

Technology breathes new life into another old play.

The company will claim most of its future revenues and margins from newer deepwater and ultra-deepwater equipment after the split.

The Mexican company will expand its fleet to include eight high-specification jackup rigs by 2015.