Saudi Aramco’s IPO: Will It Happen?

Recent windfalls generated through taxes and the kingdom’s “anti-corruption purge” has triggered further speculation about the future of Saudi Aramco’s IPO.

The company plans to expand its use of carbon capture, use and storage technology to meet a sixfold increase in the utilization of CO2 for EOR over the next 10 years.

Noble Energy and partners are barreling toward first gas by year-end 2019 for the Leviathan development offshore Israel, having doled out more than 150 major contracts after the $3.75 billion project was sanctioned in 2017.

An integrated approach drills record ERD well in the Middle East.

Oman oil and gas reserves, Oman oil and gas consumption

A key project to meet the country’s growing domestic gas consumption, which was commissioned recently, is the Khazzan field in central Oman.


The oil and gas industry is going through radical changes towards building models for success as oil market sentiment improved.


Total CEO Patrick Pouyanne and BP’s Group Chief Executive Bob Dudley shared insights on how their companies found opportunities in in the downturn.

Investments made by Middle East oil and gas producers are focused on adding new capacity.

Middle Eastern oil and gas producers are now focusing on developing unconventional resources like heavy crude oil.

Saudi Arabia, oil production, export, Stratas Advisors

The planned November cut, according to Stratas Advisors, represents a seasonal decline in commitments combined and the Saudi’s desire to give the market higher crude prices.

High-efficiency HP/HT completion systems help operators deliver top performing wells.

Kuwait Oil Co., Jurassic Gas fields, natural gas, consumption, Kuwait

Exploration activity targeting Jurassic carbonate reservoirs in North Kuwait has led to the discovery of six major tight gas fields in the last decade.