Using Cognitive Software to Transform the Acquisition and Divestiture Process

Event Date 
Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Hart event 

Agile Upstream and Abbyy Software, USA present: "Using Cognitive Software to Transform the Acquisition and Divestiture Process." This webinar will explore how advancements in text analytics are shaping new industries and are poised to transform oil and gas exploration and production. During the session, a demonstration of Agile Land Insights will be provided, an application purpose-built to bring E&P into an era of lower-cost, highly accurate lease and contract management. Agile Land Insights reduces G&A, minimizes clawback risk in a sale, and provides complete clarity for your acquisition opportunities - all without outsourcing or exposing your data to outside parties.

In this webcast, you will learn how Agile Land Insights can:

1. Extract all the relevant data from leases - Pugh Clauses, Pooling Agreements, Acreage, and more. Without manual data entry and without reading through leases

2. Perform a complete due diligence in 60 days or less. Never acquire assets with incomplete information again

3. Present a bulletproof dataroom for your assets - say goodbye to clawbacks and weary buyers

Help you get more - a lot more, out of your G&A spend 

About the Presenters:

Nick Vandivere,


Agile Upstream

Lawrence McNamara,

Sr. Director Business Development, Compreno