The board of directors of Nexans appointed Christopher Guérin as CEO on July 3, during a meeting chaired by Georges Chodron de Courcel.

Christopher Guérin has been with Nexans since 1997 and most recently since 2014 served as senior executive vice president, Europe and Telecom/Datacom, and member of the group management board.

In a statement, Nexans said during his years with the company Guérin has demonstrated strong and decisive leadership while successfully leading economic and social transformations in highly competitive international environments. In 2017, Christopher Guérin was instrumental in building the present “Paced For Growth” strategic plan.

Arnaud Poupart-Lafarge will serve as advisor to the new CEO until September 30, 2018.

“Christopher Guérin is a solid and inspiring executive who has demonstrated many successes within the Group,” Georges Chodron de Courcel, chairman of the board, said. “The board of directors unanimously supports him in his new mission to which he brings not only an in-depth knowledge of the cable industry but also a clear strategic view as to avenues of future growth.”