The P-66 floating production vessel’s first modules, built at the Tomé Ferrostaal Consortium’s module plant at Port of Maceió, Alagoas have been delivered to the Brasfels Shipyard in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro.

The oil processing module (M08) and the oil processing and produced water treatment module (M10) were taken by the São Tomé barge to the yard. Another barge, São Luís, is due to transport the launcher, receiver and manifold modules (M09A and M09B) at the end of November.

Brasfels is carrying out the integration of the P-66 and P-69 replicant platforms. This includes hoisting the modules, installing on the hull, interconnecting the modules and the hull’s systems, and then full testing. The P-66 hull is in the final testing phase at the Rio Grande 1 Shipyard (ERG-1) in Rio Grande do Sul, and will be shipped to Angra dos Reis before the end of this month also.

The P-66 is the first of six replicant FPSOs being built for the pre-salt Santos Basin.