Shell President Confident About Chukchi, Keen On Key Shales

While the company is dedicated to Alaska offshore projects, it is also focused on the Permain, western Canada and the Utica Shale. ‘They are large enough to matter to a company the size of Shell,’ Odum says.

Woodside CEO Coleman Urges Unconventional Thinking

With Australia on its way to becoming a LNG force, Peter Coleman said the challenge for Australian LNG was the ability to shift from a project constructor and builder to a LNG “trader, marketer and producer.”

Analysts Ponder Impact Of Downturn, What’s Ahead

Shale is not the only area hurting from lower oil prices, analysts say. Deep water, Arctic and Canadian oil sands projects also are being impacted.

FAR Ltd., Senegal, offshore, oil

FAR Energy Hooks A Big Catch

The Melbourne-based junior’s profile was raised recently with the first offshore Senegal discovery in 20 years. Managing Director Cath Norman explains the significance of the discovery and where the company can go from here.

OneSubsea Shows Its Hand With Hyflex Tree

From OTC 2015:  Moves by the main hardware manufacturers to steer away from the traditional vertical and horizontal subsea trees have been on the agenda for some time, and OneSubsea put a spotlight here on its HyFleX tree, billing it as offering the benefits of both types.