The Need For Transformation

Saudi Aramco’s president and CEO outlines his four-point framework for success.

Recent Shale Activity Trends And The Future Outlook

The U.S. shale landscape has transformed itself over the last several years and has finally hit the first downcycle for many producers.

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Treading Water In The Eagle Ford

Until commodity prices improve and stabilize, the Eagle Ford will remain overshadowed by the high-flying Permian Basin.

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OPEC, Allies Aim To Cut 1% Of Global Production

The devil remains lurking in the details and non-OPEC countries such as Russia will shoulder a large portion of the burden. (Last updated 12:43 p.m. CT Nov. 30)

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OPEC Freeze Meeting: Prices May Heat Up, Or Enter Ice Age

If Saudi Arabia and other member nations fail to act, the organization may be relegated to irrelevancy as markets have already started to tighten.

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Breakeven Rundown: Mediterranean, GoM Gas Outshine Others

Report shows break-even prices for natural gas developments in the Mediterranean Sea and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico are among the lowest in the world.

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Surviving The Downturn: Vermilion Energy CEO Shares Insight

The company has been helped by declining service costs, but it is counting on the staying power of operational efficiency improvements, technology, better techniques and cash-generating assets.