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Battle Underway For Rockies' Well Stimulation Market Share

Halliburton is easily on top in the D-J and the Greater Green River basins, but ceded share in the second quarter.

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The Case For $4.50 Gas This Winter

Low crude prices and lack of gas-directed drilling bump up against growing demand. The result could be a price jump for U.S. natural gas.

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Operators Have Room To Grow: Refrack Opportunities Exist

Further optimization could lead to better frack designs, stage and well spacing, greater production and ultimately, more profit.

‘Missing Pieces’ Could Restore Industry, Economy

Former Texas Railroad Commission chairman tells EnerCom conference that the nation can do more to help its struggling energy industry.

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Keeping The Oil Flow Flowing

Nontoxic paraffin removal agent helps return flow to a GoM pipeline slated for abandonment.

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Cairn’s Plunge Offshore Senegal Boosts Reserves Estimate

The company is preparing for a third phase of exploration and appraisal drilling.

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Needed: More Spending To Replace, Grow Oil, Gas Reserves

E&P companies are spending about 80% of their capital to keep the proved and developed reserve share flat, according to Deloitte.