Crescent Point Energy’s CAPP Withdrawal Fuels Oil Political Battle

Crescent Point Energy’s withdrawal from Canada’s largest oil and gas lobbying group was called partisan by political scientist Keith Brownsey, citing two major conservative parties’ announcement to merge just five days before the withdrawal was announced.


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OPEC Meeting: We’re Live From Vienna

Stratas Advisors’ Jeff Quigley is in Vienna and will offer in-depth analysis from the OPEC meeting.

Haynesville Shale, oil and gas drilling, Goodrich Petroleum

Is The Haynesville Shale An Oil, Gas Company Saver?

Since the summer months of 2016, activity has been on the mend in the Haynesville as rigs consistently picked up and are expected to remain steady throughout 2017-2018.

Brazil politics, Brazil oil and gas, Michel Temer, auctions, corruption

Brazil Energy Official Hopeful Politics Won’t Deter Oil, Gas Interest

Brazil is facing another political crisis, but its oil and gas sector will be fine, ANP says.


Statoil Builds Operational Efficiency Through Investment In Technology Suppliers

When it comes to creating operational efficiency, Statoil puts its money into strategic investments to cultivate new ideas and technology suppliers.

Kashagan, oil market, OPEC

Kashagan: An Oil Market Game-Changer In The Making?

Some analysts believe a substantial production increase from one field could be a game-changer.

Hart Energy Chart OPEC Revenues Plummet To 12 Year Low

Hart Chart: OPEC Revenues Plummet To 12-Year Low

Ahead of OPEC’s May 25 meeting, the U.S. Energy Information Administration noted the hole that the oil price downturn has opened in member nations’ pockets.