Remote Subsea Power Hub Tested

A full-scale remote subsea power hub, driven by ocean currents, is going into the water for testing next month at the Underwater Centre at Fort William in Scotland.

Electric ROVs Are Closing The Capability Gap

With subsea operations continuing to push the boundaries to meet the market’s increasingly stringent requirements, electric ROVs are narrowing the capability gap on their hydraulic cousins.

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BP, US $20 Billion Settlement Terms Are Finalized

A consent decree filed Oct. 5 details the settlement concerning the Deepwater Horizon accident. The public has until Dec. 4 to comment on a proposed restoration plan.

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As Demand Slows, China Continues Push To Produce Shale Gas

Chinese companies’ shale development effort comes as slumping commodity prices have caused others to lay down rigs and forgo completions in the U.S. and pull away from emerging shale plays elsewhere.

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Is The Easy Oil Really Gone?

Discoveries continue to be made, but the industry’s track record is showing signs of weakness.