Deepwater Black Sea, Shale Top Romania’s Oil, Gas Agenda

The specter of Russia looms over Europe as Romania focuses on shale and ultradeepwater exploration to reverse declining oil and gas production.

OTC’s Inaugural d5 Aims To Challenge Energy Industry, Spark Innovation

Event brings together a diverse group of professionals that will engage in dialogue outside the industry norm.

E&P Companies Pull Off Old, New Tricks At Mature Fields

Older fields can become technically challenging, potentially becoming costly burdens. But operators are using new techniques to grow production.

shale oil, export, Alaska, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Iran, sanctions, OPEC, production

Alaska Sen. Murkowski: Time To Lift Sanctions On US Oil Industry

With current oil export exemptions for Canada that may also be granted to Mexico, Murkowski asks why allies such as Italy and Poland cannot benefit from the U.S. oil boom.

Refracking Presents Opportunity For Shale Plays

Oil and gas companies are increasingly turning to technology and improved techniques to become more efficient and grow output as low oil prices slowly rebound.