Technology Exclusives

In a first-of-its-kind application, subsea LiDAR delivers the data needed to 3-D print an accurate physical model of a damaged subsea part.

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More FPSO units will be utilized between the years 2020 and 2023, with each year seeing about 10 more units working, forecast says.

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Trump may be willing to abide by some of the Paris climate accords, particularly those that jeopardize U.S. trade with a carbon tax.

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The move followed the federal government’s decision to remove the Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic Planning Areas of the Atlantic Ocean from the 2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program.

Technology Completion

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Better insight, including on calcite and ash bed layers, could lead to better frack designs, greater stimulation and ultimately, more production.

The technology uses an industry standard downhole data logger to collect data from which measurements are made and fracture locations pinpointed.

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The company plans to produce a new hydraulic fracturing system and a ‘land drilling system of the future.’

At Hart Energy’s DUG Rockies conference, technology panelists said drilled but uncompleted wells are an appetizing prospect for producers in trying times.

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Drilled but uncompleted wells in the U.S. provide an opportunity to examine new shale drilling and completion technology.

Technology Contracts

As part of the agreement, GE will provide condition-based monitoring and maintenance services for pressure control equipment on seven of Transocean’s rigs over the next 10 to 12 years, according to the release. The agreement is a change from event and calendar-based maintenance to condition-based monitoring and maintenance.

The contract is the third fast-track jacket contract the company has won from Saudi Aramco in the last 18 months, Linh Austin, McDermott’s vice president, Middle East and Caspian, said in a Jan. 4 news release.

Seadrill signed a three-year contract extension with Saudi Aramco for the AOD III jackup rig, corresponding to a rate of $102,740 per day, according to a Reuters calculation.

The new production license replaced the previous five-year special permit for exploration, which expired on Dec. 25, 2015.

Mexico planned to announce the winners of the first phase of the so-called Round Two tender, which includes 15 shallow-water areas in the Gulf of Mexico, on March 22, Reuters reported.

Technology Digital

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Lower commodity prices have not stopped oil and gas companies’ efforts to guard against cyberattacks.

The FRACGAS II JIP continues the development of the Elfen tight gas reservoirs (tgs) software suite pioneered by Rockfield, a geomechanics software solutions developer. The research aims to enhance finite element (FE) based modeling technology and microseismic methodology, the release said.

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The benefits of modern network connectivity in the field make for a better, safer and more productive operation.

Radar surveillance systems from PetroCloud can track speed, work with drones and provide thermal images like the truck in the bottom right. “This is really high-end heightened security that works much better than motion detection,” according to White. (So

New technologies are increasing the industry’s situational awareness of cybersecurity threats, experts tell the crowd at DUG Permian Basin.

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A Silicon Valley-based deep learning, artificial intelligence company is using artificial neural networks to help find oil and gas using geoseismic data.

Technology Downhole

Combining real-time downhole intelligence, coiled tubing strength and flexibility, and continuous electrical power benefits fishing, milling, cleanouts, perforating and other operations.

David G. Gallagher said that trademarked Gilsonite is a naturally occurring asphaltite that binds and strengthens as an additive for drilling fluids and cementing.

Ely's world-class reservoir stimulation and completion consulting services will be packaged with Flotek’s CnF customized completion chemistries for clients that purchased CnF chemistries directly through The Flotek Store.

JetStream was recently used in a 6.5-in. intermediate section in the North Sea that was drilled to 10,446 ft total depth through soft, porous limestone.

GCDT fits fully into Prysmian’s expansion strategy in subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines and complements its product range. The portfolio of protectors will be enhanced, the company added.

Technology Equipment

S-92 flights were also stopped on the other side of the North Sea, in Britain, with Royal Dutch Shell Plc saying it was working on alternative flight provision, Reuters reported.

NADL said that, as previously agreed, it will form a joint asset holding company with Jurong to jointly own West Rigel if no employment is secured for it.

Drillers added four oil rigs in the week to Jan. 6, bringing the total count up to 529, the most since December 2015, energy services firm Baker Hughes Inc. (NYSE: BHI) said on Jan. 6.

Chinese manufacturers are unable to make equipment such as semisubmersible drilling platforms used in waters deeper than 1,000 feet and robots used in waters deeper than 500 meters, Reuters reported.

Drillers added 12 oil rigs in the week to Dec. 16, bringing the total count to 510, the highest since January, but still below 541 rigs a year ago, energy services firm Baker Hughes Inc. (NYSE: BHI) said Dec. 16.

Technology Operations

Ithaca Energy Inc. said Jan. 12 that 2016’s average production totaled about 9,300 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), exceeding the full-year guidance of 9 Mboe/d.

Front Range said that, based on pressures and reservoir gas compositions, the Upper and Basal Montney are separate hydrocarbon systems.

Energean plans to lease its own FPSO vessel and build a separate pipeline to Israel, and also wants a financial partner to develop the Tanin and Karish fields, which have 2.4 trillion cubic feet estimated combined gas reserves, Reuters reported. 

Halliburton’s Brazil Technology Center in Rio de Janeiro is being used in the project. It is one of 15 global centers for technology, Halliburton said. 

Neuquen province, where most of the formation is located, agreed to stabilize taxes as part of the deal; and labor unions have signed onto more flexible contracts, Reuters reported. 

Technology People

Heavey will be replaced as CEO by COO Paul McDade after the company's annual general meeting on April 26 when Heavey will become chairman for a maximum of two years.

MicroSeismic also said its board elected William B. (Bill) Barker as vice president of analysis, and Eric Bourdages as vice president of operations.

Niels Espeland has worked in the international oilfield service industry for more than 35 years.

Jakub Korczak joined the company, which owns and operates projects in Tunisia and Romania, in 2009. 

Tullow Oil named Les Wood, vice president of finance and commercial, as interim CFO as its finance chief Ian Springett takes an extended leave of absence for medical treatment.

Technology Regulations

The new platform was launched in November and is now used for all of the company's purchases, including for its E&P arm as well as its so-called midstream and downstream Industrial Transformation unit.

With Trump poised to take office on Jan. 20, energy companies and their lobbyists are eyeing a new gusher of federal drilling and mining leases after a period of stagnation under the administration of Barack Obama.

The oil spill pact, also signed by Cuban Deputy Transportation Minister Eduardo Rodriguez Davila, calls for the parties to prepare joint disaster plans, test them and train personnel, among other measures.

Earlier treaties that established a joint petroleum development area with revenue split 90% to East Timor and 10% to Australia, which govern production from the Bayu-Undan Field run by ConocoPhillips, will remain in place, Reuters reported.

Output has been cut several times from 53.9 Bcm in 2013 as criticism mounted that Dutch authorities had failed to adequately assess the risk to citizens from earthquakes caused by production, Reuters reported.