Fuel Options Create Cost-Saving Opportunity In E&P Sector

The availability of dual-fuel engines and dedicated natural gas engines has created more fuel options in the oil patch.

Greater Sunrise Is Crucial For Timor Sea Development

With hydrocarbons plentiful, the region is a sleeping giant for the oil and gas industry.

Back To The Future: Statoil Shifts Away From Subsea

Statoil’s choice of a remotely controlled unmanned wellhead platform as the concept for phase one of the Oseberg Future project reflects the swing it warned of last year from subsea back to surface installations as a means of cutting costs. 

R&D Credits Could Ease Financial Burden

Many countries offer tax credits on R&D. And many companies are unaware of them.

Total Slides Tormore Oil Rim Onto Backburner

Total has delayed indefinitely its conceptual plans to develop the estimated 100 MMbbl oil rim of its deepwater Laggan-Tormore field west of Shetland.