Economist: 2017 Will Be Year Of Recovery For Texas Oil, Gas

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

Higher commodity prices have increased the value of Texas oil and gas as companies have put more people back to work for the upstream sector.

China’s Crude Imports, Refinery Output Are Somewhat Deceptive

Clyde Russell, Reuters

March imports were 9.17 MMbbl/d, well above December’s previous record of 8.57 MMbbl/d.

Reconsideration Of Existing Regulations Set To Significantly Impact Oil And Gas Industry In The Long Term

EnerKnol Research

The prospects of additional oil and gas activity on federal land comes as a boon for the industry that has suffered from low oil prices in recent years.

Reverting To 2003 Guidance For Carbon Cost Estimates Will Weaken Climate-Related Regulations

EnerKnol Research

President Trump's newly signed energy policy executive order will make it simpler for agencies, such as EPA and the Department of Energy, to weaken multiple climate regulations by reducing the benefits ascribed to climate regulations

EIA Reports Fall In Energy-related CO2 Emissions

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

Data released from the U.S. Energy Information Administration this week showed CO2 emissions from the energy industry fell to 5,170 million metric tons.

Oil Rebalancing: Delayed Rather Than Derailed?

John Kemp, Reuters

Calendar spreads have become the major battleground among traders about the timing of any drawdown in crude stocks.

Saudi Crude Price Cut Will Add To Asia’s Light Oil Glut

Clyde Russell, Reuters

It appears as if the Saudis are trying to maintain market share in Asia by trying to match the pricing and availability of lighter crudes from other producers.

Trump’s Energy To-Dos: 100 Days And Beyond

Jack Belcher

Hopefully, our government, like others around the world, will figure out how to adequately balance robust energy policy with environmental considerations, as our new president has promised.

Market Share Or Higher prices? The Saudi, Russia Oil Dilemma

Clyde Russell, Reuters

How long will it take for Saudi Arabia and Russia to realize the incompatibility of their dual ambitions?

Why The North Sea’s Future Depends On A Strong Service Sector

Neil Sims, Expro North Sea Ltd.

As the operator community supplies the capital, funding and expertise to explore and develop fields, the service sector provides most of the high-end technology and skills to deliver this.

UK Groups Offer $1.3 Million In Funding For Oil, Gas Innovation

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

The Industry Technology Facilitator and the Oil & Gas Innovation Center are seeking applicants for funding to have R&D carried out at Scottish universities.

US Oil, Gas Industry Reaps Benefits Of International Trade

John Kemp, Reuters

As a result of the shale revolution, the U.S. has emerged as the dominant supplier in an increasingly integrated hemispheric fuel market.