Shale Plays Solidify Place In U.S. History

Omar Abou-Sayed, Advantek Waste Management Services

Here is an overview of major shale basins in the U.S. and emerging plays based on data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Coal Production Continues To Decline As Gas Increases

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

Global output of coal dropped by 458 million tonnes in 2016, with the greatest decline evident in China, the International Energy Agency says.

Australia Risks Missing Next LNG Wave

Clyde Russell, Reuters

If Australia is to compete with Qatar’s brownfield low-cost expansion, the country must become more innovative.

Exploring In A Downturn

Rhonda Duey, Hart Energy

Not surprisingly, a recent survey shows little appetite for risk in the current environment.

US Shale Breakeven Price Stands At About $50/bbl

John Kemp, Reuters

Some shale producers have lower breakeven prices than the average and some higher, but the sector as a whole seems to need about $50/bbl to grow production profitably.

Texas Lease Sale Brings In $42 Million For Permanent School Fund

The semiannual sale offered about 8,880 acres to companies wanting to explore for oil and gas on state-owned land.

Qatar’s LNG Brownfield Trumps Petronas’ Greenfield Hopes

Clyde Russell, Reuters

It’s going to be extremely difficult to develop any greenfield LNG projects in the next few years and not just in western Canada.

Emerging Technologies Could Offer Savings For P&A

Brian Walzel, Hart Energy

Of the total cost of decommissioning a well, about 60% is spent on plugging and abandonment (P&A) efforts.

China, India Oil Imports Show Saudi Arabia Carries Burden Of Cuts

Clyde Russell, Reuters

Looking at Chinese and Indian import data, it appears that Saudi Arabia is giving up market share, while some of its allies aren't.

SPE ATCE Competition Offers Funding Opportunity For Energy Startups

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

Participants will have a chance to win a piece of more than $75,000 in cash prizes.

US Uncompleted Well Backlog Hangs Over Oil Market

John Kemp, Reuters

Either the number of new wells drilled must slow or the completion rate must increase.

How Low Can You Go?

Rhonda Duey, Hart Energy

Low-frequency source could be the final piece in the subsalt imaging puzzle.