Seismic Industry In A World Of Pain

Rhonda Duey, Hart Energy

Reduced exploration budgets have seriously harmed the sector.

Oil Price Forecasts For 2017, 2018 Rise As Downside Risks Fall

John Kemp, Reuters

The increases are mostly the result of fewer forecasters predicting very low prices rather than more forecasters predicting high ones.

Uncertainty Still Clouds Commodity Price Outlook

​Despite concern about whether planned production cuts pan out, some in the industry are optimistic that better days are ahead.

US Gas Prices Tumble, But Market Is Tightening

John Kemp, Reuters

​Gas prices will need to be higher on average during 2017 to sustain increased drilling and curb gas consumption.

Statoil Donates Money To Aid In Syrian Crisis

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

​The company’s head of communication is encouraging the international community to contribute.

Brent Curve Signals Oil Tanks Will Start Emptying In Second-Half 2017

John Kemp, Reuters

But like any other forecast, the curve can be wrong. The oil market could rebalance faster or slower than expected.

The Next Grand Challenge

Rhonda Duey, Hart Energy

The latest SEAM project is focusing on life-of-field seismic, geomechanics and reservoir simulation.


US Energy Department Unfairly Criticized Over Spending, Forecasts

John Kemp, Reuters

The U.S. Department of Energy has become a lightning rod for criticism in parts of the Republican Party and the fossil fuels industry unhappy about the Obama administration’s energy and climate policies.

Will New Administration Slow Emissions Reduction Efforts?

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

The oil and gas industry has made strides in reducing emissions in recent years. Hopes are that its efforts will continue.

OPEC Expected To Deliver Only Half Of Target Production Cut

John Kemp, Reuters

Most energy professionals expect OPEC output will decline to around 33.0 million barrels per day in January 2017.

Will America Reverse An Offshore Oil And Gas Agenda Gone Adrift?

Jack Belcher, Consumer Energy Alliance

Will the Trump administration and Congress have the will to reopen the door to the nation’s offshore resources?

OPEC Deal Expected To Tighten Oil Market In 2017

John Kemp, Reuters

​The deal will probably cut production by between 750,000 and 1 MMbbl/d, accelerating the rebalancing process, though to have a big impact the cuts will need to be extended into the second half of 2017.