US Natural Gas Market Tightens Despite Mild Winter

John Kemp, Reuters

Gas production in the U.S. has continued to trend lower despite a modest recovery in the rig count since the end of August 2016.

Texas Oil, Gas Sector Pays $9.4 Billion In State, Local Taxes

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

The fiscal year 2016 number, released by the Texas Oil & Gas Association, is down from $13.8 billion in fiscal year 2015.

Innovation, Collaboration And Improvisation?

Jennifer Presley, Hart Energy

Better collaborations are possible by following these three rules of improv.

OPEC Supply Surge In 2016 Has Left Oil Market Nursing Hangover

John Kemp, Reuters

Many OPEC and non-OPEC countries ramped up production during the second half of 2016, especially during the final three months of the year.

Digital Technologies Turn Around Marine Prospects In Uncertain Waters

Digital solutions help to de-risk decisions, bring insights into vessel and fleet performance and provide opportunities to optimize operations.

API Kicks Off Campaign During Super Bowl

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

An ad pointed out how oil is incorporated into several products used by consumers, such as lipstick, paint and heart valves.

Saudi Arabia Cannot Escape Destiny As Swing Producer

John Kemp, Reuters

​By cutting their own output deeply, Saudi Arabia and its allies have masked the low level of compliance from the rest of the organization.

Eliminating Double-money Downtime

Jennifer Presley, Hart Energy

Partnership creates digital solution to reduce unplanned downtime of offshore operations.


Shale Revival Looms Over Oil Prices, Spreads: Kemp

John Kemp, Reuters

​The focus has shifted to questions of compliance and the resurgence of shale production in the U.S.

New IEA Award Puts Focus On Clean Energy Technology

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

New technology, if effective, can help countries meet emissions goals set under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Volatility Has Various Meanings In Oil Market

John Kemp, Reuters

The concept is slippery and how traders talk about it does not necessarily correspond with the way it is understood by producers and consumers.

Seismic Industry In A World Of Pain

Rhonda Duey, Hart Energy

Reduced exploration budgets have seriously harmed the sector.