No Need For Resuscitation

Rhonda Duey, Hart Energy

Recent events suggest the deepwater GoM is alive and well.

Saudi Arabia Eases Austerity Just As Oil Prices Decline

John Kemp, Reuters

The decision to pair the change in succession with a relaxation of austerity is not surprising, but there are questions about its affordability in the medium term.

‘Shall We Play A Game?’

Will the petroleum industry’s dreamers and schemers primed by science fiction embrace Big Data to fuel their future? The answer is most certainly ‘yes!’

The 5 Most Important Tools in the Oilfield

Star Service

Oilfield drilling is a complicated process that uses several pieces of equipment to guarantee proper cleaning, safety and extraction.

US Natural Gas Prices Tumble As Power Producers Switch Back To Coal

John Kemp, Reuters

Rising gas prices has incentivized more gas production and encouraged power producers to switch back from gas to coal at the margin.

Report: Texas Sees Gains In Oil, Gas Sector

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

A composite index shows higher oil production, prices, rig counts, drilling permits and employment.

Paris Climate Goals Have Merits, But Emissions Reduction Challenges Remain

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

Goals of lowering emissions create business opportunities worldwide, but policy support and innovation are needed.

American Energy Disrupts OPEC’s Influence

Ryan Sitton, Texas Railroad Commissioner

Less OPEC oil on the market enhances the opportunity for American energy to fill needs.

Pre-Drake—Who Knew?

Rhonda Duey, Hart Energy

Prior to “the big one,” North America was a bit of an energy enigma.

Should OPEC Worry About Contango, Backwardation?

John Kemp, Reuters

Market rebalancing will be accompanied by a shift from contango to backwardation, but that will be a symptom of falling inventories not the cause.

US Shale Oil, Gas Production Still Rising

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

The latest EIA drilling productivity report shows shale oil and gas production rising to 5.4 MMbbl/d and 22 MMcf/d, respectively, in June.

Saudi Oil Wealth Remains A Magnet For Western Leaders

John Kemp, Reuters

On the whole, the arrangement has suited both sides very well for the last 40 years.