The new survey follows on from the original survey that covered more than 16,000 sq km over portions of the Col-1 and Col-2 blocks offshore Colombia. The extension is expected to start in February 2016, CGG said in the release.

Under the contract, ION said it is providing a broad range of seismic data processing for multiple offshore and onshore surveys. 

The Chickadee survey is located in West Central Alberta, while the Kingfisher 3D spans Kingfisher, Blaine and Canadian counties in Oklahoma.

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The saved time could translate into improved efficiency amid the continuing downturn, according to an oilfield services company.

Fugro’s work will include seabed and shallow geological investigations including in areas of difficult terrain.

Fugro’s Seafloor Drill 2 (SFD2) has successfully completed a challenging multi-site investigation across the North West Shelf of Australia, encountering variable calcareous sediments and delivering results to support a jack-up drilling campaign.

Automation has finally come to land seismic acquisition.

The contract provides for an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) geophysical survey and an environmental baseline survey, along with shallow geohazard and geotechnical coring.

Wytch Farm, the largest onshore oil field in Western Europe, produced about 500MMbblof oil and 175Bcf of natural gas since first production in 1979, Reuters said.

A fleet of eight vessels is conducting the survey in the Bay of Campeche for the three-year project. Maurice Nessim, president of WesternGeco, said the Campeche has complex geology requiring WAZ to image the subsalt. 

WGP Group has entered a contract to provide long-term seismic acquisition services to ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS, according to a news release.

CGG’s options are to increase capital or attract new investors to finance a planned reorganization, sources told Reuters, adding that a formal announcement is expected next week.