The project will include an evaluation of the OML-122 field development, subsea gas pipeline and onshore central processing facility, Penspen said in a news release.

The Athabasca oil sands have gone from being a curiosity to one of the largest oil accumulations in the world.

Development of Leviathan, which holds an estimated 622 billion cubic meters of gas, is being led by Texas-based Noble Energy and Delek Group.

Earlier this year the state-run group discovered a tight gas deposit in Pakistan with total reserves estimated at 4.5 billion cubic meters.

The Rossukon series of discoveries are located in the G6/48 license over the Karawake Basin to the north of the G10/48 license, where the KrisEnergy-operated Wassana oil field commenced production in August, KrisEnergy said in a news release.

Trestakk will be submitted for approval by Norwegian authorities in the spring of 2016 while Alfa will come sometime during the year, Statoil's field development chief Ivar Aasheim said.

The field, which was discovered in September 2014, has been tied into existing production facilities through a new dedicated pipeline with gas extraction via the Garijp treatment system.

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Dire market conditions may have caused some to consider halting investment offshore, especially given a strong shale presence onshore. But Noble Energy sees opportunity.

Transerv said Nov. 19 the impressive results of the review highlighted the immense potential for Warro to become a major player in the state’s domestic gas market.

A federal agency returns to federal court in an effort to regain control over the lesser prairie chicken’s listing and protections. The bird has a wide-ranging habitat that includes oil and gas producing assets in the Permian Basin.

Additionally, HKN has also declared that the East Swara Tika-1 well, drilled adjacent to the Swara Tika structure, is commercial.

Edvard Grieg is located on the Utsira High, about 35 km south of the Grane and Balder fields. The field is developed with a stand-alone processing platform on a steel-jacket structure.