Britain changed its planning rules in August to allow government intervention to approve or reject shale gas drilling permits and give priority to appeals involving shale gas projects.

"Unless non-OPEC say they are willing to help, I think there will be no change," said a delegate from a major OPEC producer. "OPEC will not cut alone."

The Northern Territory government has shot down Palatine Energy’s plans to extract tight oil in the Watarrka national park, a move company managing director David Falvey has described as profoundly disappointing. 

Reuters said Shell was fined 22,500 British pounds. A subsea pipeline leak from Gannet Alpha Field spilled more than 200 tonnes of oil into central North Sea in August 2011.

Canada’s government said several oil companies, including Suncor, endorsed plan. Plan entails phasing out pollution from coal-fired electricity generation by 2030 and limiting emissions from oil sands operations, Reuters said.

The strike, thought to be the most disruptive in 20 years, cost the production of 2.29MMbbl of oil and 48.4MMcm of natural gas, Reuters reported.

The Rossukon series of discoveries are located in the G6/48 license over the Karawake Basin to the north of the G10/48 license, where the KrisEnergy-operated Wassana oil field commenced production in August, KrisEnergy said in a news release.

On the federal level, Tower Advisory identifies risks and opportunities affecting client's business activities. The group helps clients tactically shape legislative and administrative outcomes.

Workers at Sindipetro Norte Fluminense, who ignored the FUP oilworkers’ union call to end strike that began Nov. 1, will resume onshore operations the evening of Nov. 20, Reuters reported.

Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations and Grand Isle Shipyards were charged with three counts of involuntary manslaughter, eight charges involving federal safety laws and one Clean Water Act violation, Reuters reported.

Defunct, bankrupt ATP Oil & Gas Corp. must pay to settle claims it discharged oil and chemicals from Gulf of Mexico production platform without authorization, Department of Justice said, Reuters reported.

The acquisition will make Shell the world's top LNG trader, although it still needs approval from China and Australia's Foreign Investment Review Board to go ahead as planned in early 2016.